Music Bio

Music is my passion and has always been a big part of my life! Over the decades, I have had much experience playing a wide range of different instruments. Such as the steelpan, drum-kit, tabla, djembe, percussion, flute, didgeridoo and bansuri.

In recent years, I have dedicated myself to playing the handpan. A relatively new instrument, developed at the turn of the century and based on the Trinidadian steelpan.

Learning music and developing my own style has been a deeply spiritual journey. One of self discovery, drawing upon different cultures from around the world.

I have felt welcomed into the lives and homes of strangers, thanks to the universality of music. The escapades are truly legendary, perhaps one day I may write a book about them!

These have all reinforced the message that learning, adapting, developing and evolving are all part of a truly never-ending cyclical process. We are all engaged in this infinite loop whether we appreciate it or not.


Here and Now

As an experienced handpan player based in London, I am uniquely positioned to explore various creative ideas with other artists.

It is truly an instrument of our times, which has had a profound impact on individual and collective consciousness. People are using it for its uplifting sonic properties, in settings ranging from meditative practice to sell-out concerts.

Recordings are an attempt to capture the essence of live improvised music, which I have been quite averse to. However, there is perfection in the imperfection and apparent randomness.

Am open to collaborating and working with different musicians to create all kinds of experimental, fusion, electronic and world music.

Ultimately, one should recognise that music is infinite in its scope. A universal language we all identify with. I strive to create something new, whilst recognising that nothing really is…


Music Teachers

I have been in a relatively privileged position growing up and working in London, a true melting pot of cultures from around the world. With all of the great ancient civilisations’ classical musical traditions represented, by some of their best exponents.

Translating into my life, I have had the blessed opportunity to play with and take many music and life lessons quite informally, from various amazing teachers and great masters.

From the great African and Latin traditions, these include: Somesh De Swardt, Paolo Forcellati, Souleymane Compo, Oumar Almamy Camara, Mamadou Oury Diallo, Hans Sutton, Sam Alexander, Marcos Santana, Gita Adams, Dembele Sidiki, Henri Gaobi and Seckou Keita.

From the great Indian traditions, these include: Sahana Gero MBE, Sir Clive Bell, Shri Aniroodji Dave, Shri Rajkumar Misra, Ustad Harkirat Singh Rayatt, Pandit Sanju Sahai, Pandit Shiv Shankar Roy and late great Pandit Shankar Ghosh.


University Years

Whilst at UCL in Bloomsbury, I studied for degrees in Engineering and Nanotechnology. Led percussion workshops at the Calthorpe Project in Kings Cross and was a tutor at St. Paul’s Primary School in Holborn.

Was an active member of the university Bongos, Folk and World Music and Jazz Societies. We played a few concerts at the Dent Room, Garage Theatre, UCL Union and UoL Union.

One of my highlights was the London Philharmonic Open Ear Orchestra’s Symphonic Ragas project. Working under the direction of Irish lecturer Phil Mullen of Goldsmiths and South Indian singer Manickam Yogeswaran.

We created music for a performance that took place at The Albany Theatre. Musicians from across London participated alongside players from the LPO and Future Firsts scheme.

Performances at better-known venues included: Ministry of Sound, Bloomsbury Theatre, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Tate Britain and Queen Elizabeth Hall (Foyer and Purcell Room).


Engineer Years

Continued playing Indian, African and Latin percussion. Developed transferable skills necessary to adapt to different instruments. Can play some tabla, djembe, samba, congas, bongos and cajon. Also dabbled a little with the didgeridoo, kora, guitar, balafon, piano and keyboard.

Have performed at Paris CarnivalNotting Hill Carnival and Salvador Carnival. Played handpan at many smaller festivals and gatherings in Austria, Azores, Belgium, Portugal, India, Romania and UK.



Feel free browse my gallery here, examples of music videos here and live recorded music here.

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