Professional services on offer to our combined network of musicians, artists, producers and film makers in the creative industries. Freelance consultancy available on an ad-hoc basis to entrepreneurs, start-ups and small business clients.

Services include:
  • Streamlining social media, strategy and optimisation.
  • Music production, track arrangement, editing, mixing and mastering.
  • Digital distribution, rights management and online publishing.
  • Custom designed, fully hosted and bespoke websites.



Professional engineer with over a decade’s experience at design consultancies and on private projects. With expertise in the fields of electrical and sustainable design for our built environment.

Have worked on a broad range of challenging projects at various stages in their life cycle. Such as initial concept and feasibility studies to detailed design and construction phases. Followed by practical completion, commissioning and handover of the project to the end client.

Diverse skills include problem solving, research techniques and attention to detail. With specialist knowledge in areas of analysis and different computer programs. More interpersonal skills are communication, organisation and management.

Enjoy working with visionary people who are smart, passionate and driven. Interdisciplinary teams do really enhance the overall design process. Exploiting modern software, utilising new technologies and conventional design techniques to yield innovative solutions.



Tutor for private clients with repeat work and leads through personal recommendations. Sessions on mathematics, English, general sciences and physics at various ability levels.

Assess individuals and customise individual learning plans to focus on key concepts. Develop motivation, confidence, accuracy and ability to perform in summative assessments.

Friendly and passionate teaching style, incorporating highly effective teaching techniques. Engage and enrich learning, impart knowledge and understanding to achieve potential.

Mathematics teacher in one of London’s most challenging and under-subscribed schools. Taught key stage 3 and GCSE levels, i.e. year groups 7-11 in set or mixed ability classes. Responsible for mentor group’s personal, social, health and economic education.

Essential skills included planning, organising, delivering and evaluating lessons daily. Showcased excellent leadership, communication, presentation and people management skills.



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